Assorted pics from this trip.

I have a number of pics and blogs that I never published while travelling (various sensible reasons, of course), so I put a number of new pics up on my Dave India blog recently, and what the heck, here are some others.

As usual...please click on the pics to embiggen and click or mouse wheel through them.....

Woman going through ritual cleansing during religious ceremony at the river at a temple near Hampi.

Sisters at a religious celebtration at the river.

Brahmin at a temple near the river, south of Hampi Bazaar.
Washing clothes on the side of the river.

Path to the Anjenaya Hill Monkey Temple

....more steps.....
Woman at the river
Ruins where there were once small shops in Hampi

Side of the road seller of metal bangles

...and you meet such nice people!
A view from the train.

Royal Enfield 'One Ride 2012' in Goa

Here's a video I put together from GoPro Hero2 video and some stills from the Royal Enfield international 'One Ride 2012' bike ride I did on April 1st in Goa.  Best viewed in 720p - soundtrack of bikes & some music accompanying.  Might be a little long (8 mins) for non-enthusiasts, but will give you a bit of an idea of what it's like driving through seconday roads in India.

Click here to connect to the You Tube video.

or a smaller version:

Udaipur - again

These are a few odd pics shot (out of a fair number) during one day in Udaipur, Rajasthan, this year.  A number have had some HDR processing (using PhotomatixPro).
When I brought these pics into this blog, the site ordered them randomly.  Ah well...  Back home at this point, so we'll see how many more pics I'll add.
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Goa - Royal Enfield 'One Ride' 2012

I did the Royal Enfield annual 'One Ride' day in Panjim.  I borrowed a 2011 Royal Enfield Bullet 350 and drove up and did the 'One Ride' out of Panjim, to Old Goa and back.  I've put up a few pics of the ride at my Royal Enfield blog at .

Udaipur - some pics of women!

There was an old festival (Gangaur) in Udaipur that's been 'grabbed' as part of a larger spring tourist 'Mewar' festival.  These are some pics from this year's Gangaur festival, where women carry on their heads a number of  freshly dressed, oversized 'dolls' of Parvati (Gauri) (and one of her spouse Shiva) down to one of the ghats for blessing (see  Anyway, these are only a few of the pics I took, but these were all shot with my GoPro Hero2 from just one spot I got 'stuck' in at the water's edge on the ghat.


I know I'm skipping areas and blogs...but I seem to never get these things done!
Anyway, Walter & Maury & Pete & I spent some time in Bundi.  Smaller town, lots of interesting architecture, old buildings, temples, large palace and fort.  Interesting and fairly comfortable place for the traveller.  Not the easiest/most comfortable to get to & out of, the food at the roof-top & other restaurants is nothing to write home about, and the guest houses are comfortable but generally pretty run down (welcome to India...).   But! The best chai I've had in India can be found at Krishna's chai stall!
Krishna ('Shiva Power!!') took us on a couple of trips outside of town.  The first was to a small Shiva temple, a Dugra Mata temple and a small village (where we provided great entertainment).
These pics are from that first excursion.  It was a great day, Krishna's wife provided us with Paratha's, pickle and potato curry for lunch & we had dinner back in Bundi in Krishna's home. Great day out. which direction were we supposed to go?

This must be the bus.....follow Krishna!

At the Shiva temple

The sadhu baba that lived at the temple
Having lunch in front of the temple

Krishna! Hat a gift of Maury's.

Making.....chai, of course!

Local kids hanging out at the temple.

A girl at the Durga Mata temple.

In the village

Some folks hanging around the chai stall in the centre of Satoor village.

Doing a little prep work.....

...and there you go!

Back in Bundi....

In Krishna's home - a painting of the older brother of Krishna (the god, not him!)

Ok...where to next?